[Tutor] raw_input a directory path

Dave Angel davea at ieee.org
Thu May 13 04:00:49 CEST 2010

Spencer Parker wrote:
> Here is the code:
> http://dpaste.com/hold/193862/
> <http://dpaste.com/hold/193862/>It still isn't working for me.  I don't see
> it hitting the first for loop or even the second one.  It runs without an
> error at all.
> I am inputing the directory as: \\Documents\ and\
> Settings\\user\\Desktop\\test
When using raw_input(), no characters are substituted and none need 
escaping.  It's not a literal to need double-backslashing, and it's not 
a Unix shell, to need escaping of the space character.  What you type is 
what you get, other than things like backspace and enter.

Prove it to yourself with print, and then type it straight.  You might 
also add an extra (untested) :

if  not (os.path.exists(directory) and os.path.isdir(directory)):
   print "Not a valid directory"


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