[Tutor] Server

Chris King g.nius.ck at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 02:52:15 CET 2010

  On 11/8/2010 8:20 PM, Alan Gauld wrote:
> "Chris King" <g.nius.ck at gmail.com> wrote
>>> I think Corey means the firewall on your PC if you have one. It could
>>> be blocking outgoing traffic to uncommon port numbers or somesuch.
>> The firewall pops up and I click allow. It has nothing to do with the
>> firewall at all. Did you find any other errors at all?
> OK, despite the fact that the firewall is evidently being triggered
> lets assume that it is not the firewall to blame, do you gt any
> other signs of life? Any error messages? Any responses at all?
> So far you haven't given us a whole lot of information to go on...
> no code, no OS, no network settings. It's hard to be specific.
> If the code works on localhost it is unlikely to be the code at fault.
> More likely to be a network issue, either a wrong IP address,
> port address or, sorry, a firewall setting.
Actually, I fixed the problem myself. On the server, I had to set the 
host to an empty to string. Now I am wondering, how do you exit a server 
loop within the handler, so you can use the port again without it 
throwing a fit.

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