[Tutor] Fw: Installing Pyserial for Python27 on Win 7

ALAN GAULD alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Mon Nov 22 22:08:36 CET 2010

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> From: John Smith <jocjo.s at verizon.net>
> To: tutor-owner at python.org
> Sent: Monday, 22 November, 2010 19:29:37
> Subject: Installing Pyserial for Python27 on Win 7
> My OS is Win 7. I have the 64-bit Python27 installed and it works well.
> I  want to be able to do serial communications. I downloaded Pyserial,  
>unfortunately in 32 bit release only, and I cannot install it. When I attempt  
>the installation, it says "No Python installation found in the registry" and I  
>cannot continue.
> 1) Does a 64-bit release of Pyserial exist?
> 2)  Will the 32-bit release of Pyserial work with my OS somehow?
> 3) If the  answer is Yes to #2, how do I get past my problem?
> Thanks in advance for  help.
> Cheers,
> John

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