[Tutor] age program

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Mon Nov 29 20:42:40 CET 2010

"Andre Jeyarajan" <andrejeyarajan at rogers.com> wrote 

> Write a short program that will perform the following:It will ask 
> the user for his age....

Since you have posted a number of what are obviously 
homework/assignment type questions it might help if you 
tell us what course you are studying, what topics you have 
covered etc? Usually assignments are designed to test 
what you have just learned. But we don't know what aspect 
of Python these are supposed to be testing!

Also, for homeworks we do expect you to post at least 
some code to show you tried to solve it yourself. Its usually 
easier for us to point out where you are going wrong and 
suggest improvements than to start with a blank sheet.
If nothing else the broken code will tell us a lot about how 
you are thinking about the problem.

Alan G.

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