[Tutor] how to learn python from scratch, (for simpe people)?

Emile van Sebille emile at fenx.com
Sun Oct 3 01:21:44 CEST 2010

On 10/2/2010 8:22 AM a a said...
> Dear Friends,
> I am writing for some assistence from an expert.
> I give you a short background to understand my need.
> (for your information I work with a macbook normally), but I do have desktop in Microsoft)
> I am not a programmer. My work has to do with old manuscripts and Philosophy.
> But recently, being in need of building a web site I did learn alone some html, dreamweaver, css and I made two web sites who came out pretty good.
> So, I have done of it my hobby, since I do like web design.
> But now I would like to go further, although remaining always an hobby.
> I would like to learn some programming, since I wish to build a program to run a database. Mybe more in the future if this goes well.
> I have some text, several books, text format. I want to make a program to vew and research these texts. Perhaps on a cd and on a desktop.
> On the internet I have read that an easy to learn and yet powerful language to start with is python.
> Now my questions:
> 1) Is python enough and complete to build a simple program of the kind deskribed above?
> 2) Will I be able to build standalone program with it?
> 2) where do I start learning? SOMETHING AS SIMPE AS POSSIBLE!
> Thank you very much
> Jerome

I'd suggest you check out Alan's site at


He hangs out here and you'll be able to get any additional clarification 
you need.

You might also find this helpful


Finally, i'd suggest you start with python2 (vs python3) -- most of the 
info you'll find on the net is python2 and not always up to date for 

Good luck!


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