[Tutor] how to learn python from scratch, (for simpe people)?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Sun Oct 3 01:56:24 CEST 2010

"a a" <angel1storage at yahoo.com> wrote

> ...building a web site I did learn alone some html, dreamweaver, css

> But now I would like to go further, although remaining always an 
> hobby.
> I would like to learn some programming, since I wish to build a 
> program
> to run a database. Mybe more in the future if this goes well.

> Now my questions:
> 1) Is python enough and complete to build a simple program of the 
> kind deskribed above?

Python is nearly perfect for what you want.

> 2) Will I be able to build standalone program with it?

That depends on how you define standalone.
In the same way that Visual Basic, Java and any of the .Net family of 
languages do
standalone then yes you can. But you cannot build native executables, 
you need to
have a Python interpreter installed ( there are programs that fake it 
by bundling the
interpreter into the final .exe file but they are non trivial to use.) 
But if you mean can
you create a program that can be launched just by double clicking it 
in Windows
Explorer, then yes you can do that. But ultimately, for web based apps 
its irrelevant
since the code all runs on the server not the users computer.

> 2) where do I start learning? SOMETHING AS SIMPE AS POSSIBLE!

I don't usually like pushing my own tutorial because there are lots of 
others but
in this case I think it would actually be a good choice given your 
and aspirations. Reasons are:
1) It covers Python for absolute beginners
2) It also covers JavaScript which is nearly essential for client 
    web programming
3) It covers database work and networking fundamentals (which very few 
    beginners tutorials do)
4) I read this list so can answer questions"! :-)

As to Python v2 or v3, I normally recommend v2 since v3 still lags in 
for 3rd party tools but I actually think that for your purposes you 
can go
with either. You will ultimately want to learn a Web framework like 
and that will be a bigger step than moving between Python versions.


Alan Gauld
Author of the Learn to Program web site

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