[Tutor] validating user input for cli app

Rance Hall ranceh at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 03:09:31 CEST 2010

I have the following scenario, during a cli app a function is called
whose purpose is to get enough info from user to create a database

Clearly the input values need to be validated.  How do I handle the
situation where validation fails, but the answer to the question is

so far I have something like this

def moduser(clientid):
   if not len(clientid) == 0:
       client = getclient(clientid) # this is a database call to get
the existing record for modification, entering a zero length string
assumes its a new record instead of a mod.
       if len(client) == 0:
           print("client not found")
            # more code here to wait a second and then go back to the
menu selection that started this function.
       clienttype = input("Enter client type, there are two choices,
Commercial or Individual\n choose C or I ")
       ******* My question is about what goes here *******

This is where life gets confusing, if clienttype is not a c or an I
(case insensitive) then I have to ask the question again or offer a
way out of my function
There are several questions being asked here, about name, address,
etc., each element has its own validation rules, and each question
needs and answer

I know how to write the if statements to decide if the data entered is
valid or not, but I need a way to deal with what happens when it is
NOT valid.

I'd like to be able to just ask the question again, and re-validate
the new input or offer a "press q to quit" option

q to quit is no big deal, but it doesn't make sense to ME to clutter
up the code with a whole set of functions that each just ask one
question and return a value.  Especially since when my app is done
there will likely be over a hundred of these type of one or two line
functions. the names will be impossible to keep up with.  Whats more,
debugging and future upgrades will be a major PITA.

The old GOTO syntax that everybody hates was ideal for this type of
thing, if validation fails, just goto the question again and re-ask

Based on my Internet research it looks like the only way you get GOTO
capability is with an April Fools joke in 2004.

So how do you do this?


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