Susana Iraiis Delgado Rodriguez susana.delgado_s at utzmg.edu.mx
Thu Oct 7 15:55:04 CEST 2010

Hello members:

How can I write a statement to execute the following:
C:/Archivos de programa/FWTools2.4.7/bin/ogr2ogr R1G-GEODESIA.shp -where
"LAYER = 'R1G-GEODESIA'" tapalpa_05_plani_point.dbf, I want my uotput to
look like this.
Instead I'm getting this C:/Archivos de programa/FWTools2.4.7/bin/ogr2ogr
T21-PUENTES.shp -where LAYER=+line tapalpa_05_plani_line.shp
In miy code line is a string given by the user:

for line in open("unico.txt", "r").readlines():
     p = subprocess.Popen(['C:/Archivos de
programa/FWTools2.4.7/bin/ogr2ogr', line+'.shp', '-where', "LAYER='line'",

Any suggestions?
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