[Tutor] IDE for Python

Knacktus knacktus at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 7 20:08:10 CEST 2010

Am 07.10.2010 17:23, schrieb Juan Jose Del Toro:
> Dear List;
> In your experience what is the best IDE for Python?
I'm using Wing IDE. Very good overall package. I like especially the 
debug probe, which is like an interactive shell in the current stack. To 
me it's a good balance between features and learning curve. The only 
thing I really miss is refactoring support.
That's why I'm currently checking out PyCharm, which is about to be 
released (currently release candidate). It's from the company that 
created IntelliJ. PyCharm is in my opinion by far the most feature-rich 
Python IDE, looks very impressive so far. The only drawback is that it's 
written in Java and has a Swing GUI ;-) (ouuch, it hurts your eyes for a 
while but you get over it, once you discover all those wicked features 
;-)). But Wing isn't excactly eye-candy either.
Both are commercial, but if you code a lot it's worth it. Check out the 
offerings. (I think both are free for Open Source Projects.)

I also tried the free PyDev (an Eclipse plugin), which is very complete 
as well, but I don't get along with the Eclipse world.

So, check out Wing and PyCharm.



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