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> Am 07.10.2010 17:23, schrieb Juan Jose Del Toro:
> > Dear List;
> >
> > In your experience what is the best IDE for Python?
> >
> I'm using Wing IDE. Very good overall package. I like especially the
> debug probe, which is like an interactive shell in the current stack. To
> me it's a good balance between features and learning curve. The only
> thing I really miss is refactoring support.
> That's why I'm currently checking out PyCharm, which is about to be
> released (currently release candidate). It's from the company that
> created IntelliJ. PyCharm is in my opinion by far the most feature-rich
> Python IDE, looks very impressive so far. The only drawback is that it's
> written in Java and has a Swing GUI ;-) (ouuch, it hurts your eyes for a
> while but you get over it, once you discover all those wicked features
> ;-)). But Wing isn't excactly eye-candy either.
> Both are commercial, but if you code a lot it's worth it. Check out the
> offerings. (I think both are free for Open Source Projects.)
> I also tried the free PyDev (an Eclipse plugin), which is very complete
> as well, but I don't get along with the Eclipse world.
> So, check out Wing and PyCharm.
> Cheers,
> JJ
> ------------------------------
I really like Spe, Stani's Python editor found here
http://pythonide.blogspot.com/ .

It really manages to keep everything clear open and accessible whilst still
providing a tonne of features and support. There are some intro videos
avaiable here.
http://showmedo.com/videotutorials/series?name=PythonDevelopmentWithSPE .

I have never seen Pycharm as JJ suggested so am going to check it out, I
only recently installed Eclipse Helios with Aptana 3 which includes Pydev
and Django support so I can't really offer an indepth opinion but it is an
open source community with a lot of support which if you are learning am ide
as well as a language could prove very helpful. A lot of editors don't have
much in the way of documentation or community which I think is important.

Another verygood option I like and have used a lot is DrPython

Ultimately though for keep the ide learning curve low and providing power I
still go for Spe, if I had the money I would definitely look at wing ide.


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