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Francesco Loffredo fal at libero.it
Fri Oct 8 19:00:35 CEST 2010

On 08/10/2010 16.54, Roelof Wobben wrote:
> ...
> Hello Franceso,
> Thank you for the answer.
You're welcome.

> Now find ot how i can find the dict which contains a team.
> I thinking now of something like this.
> teller = 1
>    For wedstrijd in tournooi :
>      if wedstrijd['thuis'] != stand ['ploeg'] :
>      teller = teller + 1
> stand[teller]['wedstrijd'] += 1
> Could this work ?
I'm afraid it cannot, Roelof. In your loop, you are searching many teams 
(if I translated well, I don't even know what language you speak) in the 
wrong place. If you try the following at a Python shell prompt:

>>> stand =
[{'punten': 2, 'tegen': 40, 'wedstrijden': 1, 'voor': 80, 'ploeg': 'C'}, 
{'punten': 0, 'tegen': 80, 'wedstrijden': 1, 'voor': 40, 'ploeg': 'D'}, 
{'punten': 2, 'tegen': 40, 'wedstrijden': 1, 'voor': 80, 'ploeg': 'C'}, 
{'punten': 0, 'tegen':80, 'wedstrijden': 1, 'voor': 40, 'ploeg': 'D'}]
>>> stand['ploeg']
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
TypeError: list indices must be integers, not str

you'll see that stand['ploeg'] doesn't exist. What does exist is, for 
example, stand[0]['ploeg'], or stand[3]['ploeg']. This is because stand 
is a list, and it just contains dictionaries. See my previous example 
with apples and baskets. So, if you are searching stand for all elements 
NOT CONTAINING a given team, you should search wedstrijd['thuis'] in the 
'ploeg' element of EACH element of stand, something like:

teller = 1
for wedstrijd in tournooi:
   for roelof in range(len(stand)):
     if wedstrijd['thuis'] != stand[roelof]['ploeg']:
       teller = teller + 1

> stand[teller]['wedstrijd'] += 1

This cannot work, either, because no element in stand contains an 
element whose key is 'wedstrijd', and I don't understand why you should 
update that element of stand whose index is teller. In this program, 
teller ends up containing the TOTAL number of elements in stand not 
containing the "thuis" of EACH "wedstrijd" of turnooi. I don't 
understand what do you want to do with this statement. It's very 
probable that teller becomes much larger than len(stand), and so 
stand[teller] will raise an exception...

> Roelof 		 	   		

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