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On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 11:23 AM, Juan Jose Del Toro
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> Dear List;
> In your experience what is the best IDE for Python?
> I've used SPE and IDLE, I've also seen people using Eclipse but which one
> do you recommend?

There is no 'best for Python'. IDEs are made to please people, not

I've been looking for a good Python IDE for a long time. Actually, I've been
looking for the IDE kool-aid. I always felt like I was missing something
because I was using vim while all the cool kids were using IDEs. So I've
tried different ones, several times, over the past several years. While I
still use vim quite a lot (with some plugins like a class browser), I've
recently discovered that PyCharm fits my vim-altered brain quite well. It
has by far the best vim emulation mode ever, it understands unit tests and
will run them for you, good Git integration (and others, so I hear), and it
generally does a good job of staying out of my way when I just want to dive
down the rabbit hole and code. :)

If it's too heavy for your taste, I used to use Komodo Edit when I wanted
something more than vim. It's lighter (in features and process 'weight'),
but it's pretty good.

good luck.

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