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> Hello members!
> Thank you all of you for taking the time to answer to my question. I didn´t
> expect it will create the controversy we just had in this topic. I don't
> mind for the comments of re-inventing the wheel, I'm new in python,
> documentation is good but programmers' experience is even better.
> The intention of using the os.walk() is because I'm creating a sort of
> directory crawler to find every file with the extensions I'm looking for, so
> am I in the rigth direction?
> The other question is about the excel files management, if I want to
> manipulate this data to work it in Excel should I look for an excel library
> in python right?
> I would write the file as csv.  Then, excel, or any other spreadsheet can
read the file.  Python offers csv support, its easy to understand, produces
small files, and being a text format, it is easy to debug problems.
Joel Goldstick
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