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"join" operates on lists. It "joins" the elements of the list using the 
leading character or string as the delimiter. In this case it is NUL.

Try putting a character or string, like 'XX\n' in front of the ".join" in 
both places. It should illustrate what's really happening.


In the original case, "join" is presented with a list.

In the second case, "join" is presented with a string. But Python happily 
converts it to a list of characters.

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> Hello,
> I found this answer to a problem for me :
> print ''.join([zf.getinfo('%s.txt' % p).comment for p in zpp])
> So I thought that this would be the same :
> for p in zpp:
>      test = zf.getinfo(p).comment
>      print ''.join(test)
> But it seems not to work
> Can anyone explain why not ?
> Roelof
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