[Tutor] Zip Command

Steve Willoughby steve at alchemy.com
Thu Oct 14 17:43:55 CEST 2010

On 14-Oct-10 08:32, ALAN GAULD wrote:
>         gzip - aka gunzip GNU opensource version - probably your best bet.
>     This is not correct. Gzip zip's format is not the same as the pkzip
>     related format used by Winzip and other "zip" utilities. Gzip also
>     only compresses, it does not deal with multiple files.
> Ah yes, I forgot gzip doesn't archive multiple files, it expects to work
> with tar...
> I didn't know the format was different though!
> OK, forget gzip... :-(

There is a unix "zip" program which is compatible with the various *zip 
programs in Windows (WinZip, etc).  In fact, the popular Windows *zip 
programs these days (WinZip being one I know of) will read gzipped tar 
archive files too, so you can either use the Unix version of "zip" or 
"unzip" or you can use the Python modules to write compressed tar files 
and have windows programs open them.

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