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   I am going to try and sort through the pseudocode you provided to see if
I can get things up and running that way has well. This a part of a larger
workflow thing and needs to be in the format that I have. Sticking all this
into a database is down the road a ways.

*for every line in ONE:*
*    make a dictionary with a key = to the protein ID and the value, the

I am pretty sure I have this correct by doing this:
xml = open("final.txt",'r')
gen = open("final_gen.txt",'r')

PIDS = {}
for proteinVals in xml:
    ID = proteinVals.split()[0]
    PIDS[ID] = proteinVals
print PIDS

For this part:
*for every line in TWO:*
*    if the dictionary has the same protein ID:*
*        perform the string merging and write to the file*

For this part I would need to do something like:

for line in gen:
     ID = proteinVals.split()[0]
     if ID in PIDS:   (I need to check for the key?)
           ???How do you merge lines being read in to a previous dictionary
                move on to next number



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