[Tutor] Syntax Error Messages

Terry Green tmantjg at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 22 20:49:07 CEST 2010

Am new to Python, and having difficulty with Error Messages

I 'm using Python 3.1

And PyScripter as my editor


I want to process a comma delimited file one line at a time and

Interact with the fields within each line.

I found this script when looking at the CVS module and loaded

It into PyScripter, but get: Syntax Error: Invalid Syntax

Cannot figure out why and Googleing for help doesn't help

Any ideas?



import csv, sys

filename = "some.csv"

reader = csv.reader(open(filename, "rb"))


    for row in reader:

        print (row)

except csv.Error, e:

    sys.exit('file %s, line %d: %s' % (filename, reader.line_num, e))






Terry Green


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