[Tutor] Exec function problem

Currall, Andrew andrew.currall at aecom.com
Wed Sep 1 17:22:05 CEST 2010

Using Python 2.5. 
DemandModel.py is a valid, working python script. If I create another
script file, then:


works fine. However, the apparently similar:

def runfile():

doesn't, for no apparent reason: I get 

  File "DemandModel.py", line 12, in DemandModel
NameError: global name 'ReadDmData' is not defined

Any ideas why? 

Use of 

CodeFile=open('DemandModel.py', 'r')

instead of execfile, doesn't make any difference either way, nor does it
make any difference if I read the file using read() and then execute the
string- in all cases the top-level command works; placed in a function
it doesn't.
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