[Tutor] Begginer Python Problems - Urgent! Due by tomorrow morning.

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Just guessing:

x = 12

print (2*x)

def greetings(no):
    for i in range (no+1):
        print ('Hello ')
    print ('Greetings, earthling')

def regreet(no):
    for j in range(no+1):

prompt = "Enter a number: "
no = raw_input(prompt)

It's not tested because I run Python 2.7 It's generally recommended that novice 
programmers run Py 2.x


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Subject: [Tutor] Begginer Python Problems - Urgent! Due by tomorrow morning.

Dear Python Tutors,

I'm having trouble while typing a beginner program for python.
Due to troublesome circumstances, I had to take pictures of the assignment sheet 
on my phone, and work from that.
Although it is all clearly legible, I still think something with my program is 
not working.

If I run the program in the shell, I should be getting something that asks for a 
number, and I need to try positive and negative numbers and see what spits out.

However, I'm getting the number 24, and a repetition of the words "Hello" and 
"Greetings, earthlings."

This below is my program, and I've retyped it too many times to remember, while 
looking at the assignment sheet.
What am I doing wrong?  Can anybody help?  D:  I need to turn my results in to 
class tomorrow morning!

# Lab 1
# Programmed by Colleen G.

x = 12

print (2*x)

def greetings():
    for i in range (3):
        print ('Hello ')
    print ('Greetings, earthling')

def regreet():
    for j in range(4):


End of program.....help needed quickly!  Thank you!  I am using Python 3.1.2

Colleen Glaeser
songbird42371 at gmail.com 

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