[Tutor] Plotting a Linear Equation

Chris Fuller cfuller at thinkingplanet.net
Fri Sep 24 15:10:37 CEST 2010

It sounds to me like you need to set a nonzero linewidth.  The default is to 
not fill in the space between points.  Check out the documentation at 
http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/contents.html.  It's a lot to wade through, 
but worth it when you learn how to unlock the power of the software.


On Thursday 23 September 2010, Corey Richardson wrote:
>   Hello tutors. Probably the wrong mailing list, but someone might know.
> I want to use matplotlib (or similar) to plot an equation in
> slope-intercept (y=mx+b) or standard form (Ax + By = C). As far as I've
> read and tested, you can only plot with a series of points. I could make
> two points out of those manually, but I was wondering if anyone knew of
> an easier way. Thanks.
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