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Ralph Pat Hall double.hh at live.com
Mon Sep 27 03:31:58 CEST 2010

Dear Tutor:

I would like to install a program that was written with python 3.1, the computer that I would like to put in on has Win 98SE. I tried Python 3.1.2 MSI and 2.61 but got a message that a DLL was not there and would not install. I then tried them on a Win 7 computer and got to the 5 files that you had to say where they should go. They were register ext.; TCI/TK; documentation; utility scripts; test suite---go on the HD, local drive, not at all. My guess is HD ??? Do I need all 5 files ?

The writer of the program also said that you needed to download sq-3_6_23_1.zip and if you had XP or Vista and you wanted to print you also needed pywin.32-214.win32py3.1.exe. Would I need that with 98SE? He also said that any python before 3.1 would not be useable.

I don't know anything about python so I need any help possible

thank you 
duoble.hh at live.com
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