[Tutor] print to file probelm

Prasad, Ramit ramit.prasad at jpmorgan.com
Mon Aug 15 22:09:34 CEST 2011

Hi John,

Just as a note, I am looking at the included scripts (and not the linked scripts). I believe the problem you are having is with the lines below. 

for i in range(len(faces)):
     f = faces[flist[i]]
     n = normals[flist[i]]
     s = s + ",%d" % len(f)
     for v in f:
         s = s + ",%d" % vindex[v]
     s = s + ",%.17g,%.17g,%.17g" % (n[0], n[1], n[2])
s = s + "]"
print s

The problem is probably caused by the very last line above. This prints 's' to std out (the console) instead of a file. This should probably be something like  (not tested - just a guide)

I would also like to add that string concatenation is not recommended in Python. The better way to concatenate is to do something like:

S = []
s.append( 'test' )
s.append( ",{0}".format( vindex[v] ) )
s.append( ",%.17g,%.17g,%.17g" % (v[0], v[1], v[2]) )
# Join at the very end
" ".join(s)

Furthermore, the following can be easily written without the backslash (which can be prone to errors if something appends anything after it (like non-CRLR whitespace --or whatever Windows uses). Instead you can wrap things is parenthesis

normals[sl[1]] = \
             (string.atof(sl[2]), string.atof(sl[3]), string.atof(sl[4]))

Try this instead:
normals[sl[1]] = (string.atof(sl[2]), 
             string.atof(sl[3]), string.atof(sl[4]))

OR if you have a single long string. 
Var = ( self.really_long_variable_name + some_other_really_long_variable + 
		what_another_really_long_variable ) # returns a single element

Be careful not to put a comma at the end of the parenthesis, because if you do the statement will return a tuple instead.

Var = ( self.really_long_variable_name + some_other_really_long_variable + 
		what_another_really_long_variable, ) # returns a tuple with one element


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