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Lisi <lisi.reisz at gmail.com> wrote:

<<Is it just me, or is this a blatant plug for a specific book, and is it
therefore Spam?>>

I hope it's just you, because it is not spam. As I said, I read a
*lot* of computer books (I'm a database administrator) and this book
really stands out. It's so good I'm thinking of seeing if my wife, who
knows nothing about programming, would like to read it. I've never
felt that way about a computer book before, and since this is so
unusual in the computer book field, I thought I'd share it here.

<<For what it is worth, I hate all those games.>>

I'm not a gamer either, but this paradigm allowed the author to show
the great flexibility of Python. I think he made a wise choice. Using
games as a starting point should also make this book useful to
teachers of programming 101, because kids love games. Anything that
gets kids coding instead of just wasting time is good IMHO.

<<  Alan seems to use address books
(anyhow initially).  Now I can see the point in that.>>

I'm sorry you were offended by my posts. If others were as well let me
know and I'll unsubscribe immediately.

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