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Am 27.07.2011 15:51, schrieb Alexander:
> Hello everyone. I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around a project I'm
> working on. My goal is to create a program that manages (allows its
> users to manipulate, search by criteria and edit) objects. There is one
> type of object, for example I'll say it's a car.
> There will be a central data file containing all of the cars and
> multiple users will have access to it at once. I'm having trouble here,
> I've done some research on MOO and twisted but I'm not sure where to turn.

Sounds familiar ;-) ... on the way a lot of question are likely to 
arise. Like, "OK, I've got a database. Do I load all the data at once to 
the client or only on request? What about concurrent usage by different 
clients (users)? How about authentification and authorisition? If I 
build a rich client (a python programm with GUI and network connection 
to the database), how do I manage the objects on the client?"

As James already hinted, there're fantastic python web frameworks. They 
have solutions for almost all the questions that will cross your path. 
There're some relgious wars about which is the best. In my opinion 
Django is the best for starters. Do some tutorials, read the Django book 
and you'll get an idea about the overall architcture, models, views, 
templates, etc.

> Additionally I'll need a GUI! tkinter? Does anyone have any suggestions
> on how to get started with tkinter? I'm overwhelmed with the amount of
> documentation I've had to read and think I have to read to accomplish my
> goal.

I've written a rich client with PyQt which talks via web services to a 
web server. It's a lot of work! You have a lot of options, performance 
is amazing, but due to the complexity I would recommend to start with a 
web interface.

If you really need or want a rich client, you should look into Dabo:


There's also another rich application framework which uses PyQt and 
looks very good, but I forgot the name. I'm not sure about wether this 
is free or commercial.

> Thanks for reading, Alex.ander
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> Alexander
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