[Tutor] Alternatives to pymssql to work with MS SQL Server

Emmanuel Ruellan emmanuel.ruellan at laposte.net
Wed Mar 2 11:49:55 CET 2011

Tim, it's raw SQL queries I want to use. Pyodbc looks fine, thanks for
suggesting it to me. I'll have to test it on the specific machine on which I
encountered the problem with pymssql.

Raúl, thanks for the link to a list of alternatives to pymssql. You
suggested that I try and change the order of the imports. Actually pymssql
was the first module I imported, but I did it from Idle, therefore it's
probably not really the first import.

Steven, sorry if my question was slightly off topic. I turned to this list
to ask my question because I enjoy reading this list and people here know
their stuff, but maybe I should stop considering that my questions fall into
the 'beginner' category, now that I've been dabbling in Python for a few
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