[Tutor] [RFI] Resources for graphic modeling of dynamic systems

Jeff Horn jrhorn424 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 02:28:38 CET 2011

Hi tutors!

I have a very basic understanding of Python, and have played a bit
with SymPy. I'd like to use Python to accomplish many of the same
things that are done in Mathematica.

Right now, I have a project that could benefit from a dynamic model. I
envision defining a series of differential equations that describe a
model, complete with manipulable parameters. I think I'd use a Python
script to define the model and graph it with gnuplot or a similar
tool. However, I have no idea about where to start building an
interface with sliders to manipulate parameters graphically.

Would any of you recommend particular resources?

Perhaps this would necessitate becoming a nascent UI programmer, which
is something I'd like to avoid as much as possible.

For general examples of what I'm looking to produce, see:


More specifically, I want to produce a model very much like the one here:


Jeffrey Horn

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