[Tutor] Expanding a variable with subprocess on Windows

Becky Mcquilling ladymcse2000 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 07:44:31 CET 2011

I'm working on a Windows machine and want to use subprocess to run several
commands from the command line.

Normally with bat files or some of the other scripting languages on Windows,
I would set up a variable with the path to the command like so:

gpg = 'c:/program files (x86)/gnu/gnupg/gpg2.exe'

Then call the command the variable to avoid typing in the full path.

When I do this with subprocess it works:

subprocess.Popen('c:/program files (x86)/gnu/gnupg/gpg2.exe', shell=True)

However when I do this:

gpg = 'c:/program files (x86)/gnu/gnupg/gpg2.exe'

subprocess.Popen('gpg', shell=True)

It fails to run gpg and is not expanding the variable.  Is there a way to do
this that I'm missing?

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