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I think your question is appropriate for both lists, it just wasn't sexy 
enough for anyone on c.l.py to answer ;)

what is not sexy about modelling plant carbon uptake ;P


Random remarks:

>         pg = PlantGrowth(self.control, self.params, self.state,
>                                         self.fluxes, self.met_data)

I'd prefer your code to be even more verbose here; no two-letter variables 
for anything that is non-generic. 

ok so a more thorough name then? I had seen class instances used before with
single letters

>             # plant growth
>             pg.grow(project_day, self.date, leafnc)

With the construction in mind that is actually

Sorry don't get this?

>             # plant growth
>             plant_growth.grow(project_day, self.date, leafnc)

but plant_grows.grow() does not make a lot of sense, and the comment is 
superfluous as it just undoes the abbreviation instead of explaining what is 
going on.

Yep sorry I haven't gone through and finished all the comments, some of them
were placeholders! Agreed grow isn't the best name

>             # calculate model decay rates
>             dc.decay_rates()

A lot of methods don't take any arguments and return nothing. I'm guessing 
that they modify the state that you passed to the initializer. I prefer 
these modifications to be explicit if feasible, e. g.

             state = dc.decay_rates(state)

where of course state is a placeholder for the actual variables that are 
necessary to do the calculations.

yes well i guess that is one of the issues - two objects state and fluxes
are modified throughout. So you think it is better to pass these to the
methods rather than to the class constructors? If i do it that way I
potentially have to then pass it throughout a number of methods in other
classes. The way I set it up, I could call it though the self statement,
e.g. self.fluxes.some_variable in a various class methods.

The big picture? I'll leave that for someone else.

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