[Tutor] Static Variable in Functions

Marcin Wlodarczak mwlodarczak at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 10:22:43 CET 2011

Alan Gauld wrote:
> "Yasar Arabaci" <yasar11732 at gmail.com> wrote
>> >>> a=["a"]
>> >>> b=[a]
>> >>> a.append("c")
>> >>> b
>> [['a', 'c']]
>> Apperantly, I can change something (which is mutable) inside  a list
>> without even touching the list itself :)
> But the point is that you *are* touching the list.
> In this case you have two names referring to the same list.
> You can modify that list (because it is mutable) via either name, it
> makes no difference because they both refer to the same list.
> So a.append() is exactly the same operation as b.append()

In this case it is not exactly the same since he said b = [a],
not b = a. So b.append('c') would produce [['a'], 'c'].


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