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Re: Fw: [Tutor] Fw: Fw: Parsing data from a csv file [NC]

For example the line 1 in the csv file is:

Barney Gumble, Breakfast, Duffbeer, 1, I could?ve gone to Harvard

and I want to be able to clean it and turn it into:

Barney Gumble had for beakfast 1 Duffbeer while thinking "I coul?ve gone 
to Harvard"

so basically using in this line the column0 + "had for " + column 1 + 
column3 + column2 + "while thinking"+column4

and I want to be able to do this for every line, except for line0.

My end game is, after I'm able to do this, I want to write an Html using 
python that shows those cleand lines

Thanks for your help

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Fw: [Tutor] Fw: Fw: Parsing data from a csv file [NC]

Ok, I think what you are trying is to get all data in a string list:

import urllib, csv

list_string = []

for char,meal,ate,qty,com in reader:
   if char != 'Character':
      list_string.append("%s %s %s %s %s" % (char, meal, ate, qty, com))

print list_string

Doing something like this you can format all strings as you want and keep 
them into a list

2011/3/24 <l.leichtnam at gmail.com>
Thanks, what I'm trying to do is extract the data from the csv file, clean 
it to make each line into a sentence.

But for this I think I need to use a dictionary for each and enter the 
words of each columns in one no?
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