[Tutor] script conversion windows -> linux error

Rance Hall ranceh at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 19:26:39 CET 2011

I wrote a script on a windows box for python 3.1  after a meeting with
the client for this project we agreed to port it to Linux so that I
could make use of enscript and ps2pdf to email customers documents
right from the script.

Client uses a Centos server so I did some reading and installed python
3.2 in its own directory with a shortcut link named python3.  Parallel
instances of python seem to be fine.

I fixed the standard line feed issues and am getting interpreter
errors that I don't understand.

for example:

I am making use of the config module to store some database
configuration details.

I have this line in my code:

config_version =  config.get('versions','configver',0)

This line fails under 3.2 Linux with the error message:

TypeError:  get() takes exactly 3 positional arguments (4 given)

What could the 4th argument be?  I only see three.

This same code worked on python 3.1 under windows.

What am I missing?

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