[Tutor] Grouping based on attributes of elements in a List

ranjan das ranjand2005 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 22:03:45 CEST 2011

I have the following list

List=[( 'G1', 'CFS', 'FCL', 'R1' ),('G3', 'LOOSEFREIGHT', 'MIXEDLCL', 'R9'),
('G4', 'CFS', 'FCL', 'R10' ), ('G2',  'LOOSEFREIGHT', 'LCL', 'R4' ), ('G1',
'CFS', 'FCL', 'R2' ), ('G2', 'LOOSEFREIGHT', 'LCL', 'R5')  ]

now I want to group this elements of List  first by index [1] that is (CFS
and LOOSEFREIGHT ) together and for those elements which are grouped
together for LOOSEFREIGHT, i want to further divide them into different
groups based on index[2] that is (LCL or MIXEDLCL)

So essentially i want them grouped into different lists and my solution
should be  of the form

New_List=[ [ ( 'G1', 'CFS', 'FCL', 'R1' ), ('G1', 'CFS', 'FCL', 'R2' ),
('G4', 'CFS', 'FCL', 'R10' ) ], [ ('G2',  'LOOSEFREIGHT', 'LCL', 'R4' ),
'R9')] ]

How do I do it?

I managed to do divide them into different lists based on index [1] however
I was not able to further divide them  based on index [2]

Any help is appreciated
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