[Tutor] Tutor Digest, Vol 93, Issue 4

Rinu Boney rinu.matrix at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 15:38:59 CET 2011

Alexander Etter ,
can u help me setup the emacs as python ide - like code refactoring and
can i get to you by email?

> Rinu, I use emacs. I use Python and C++. I'm also a university student.
> Last semester I learned python 2.7 using IDLE, and continued with IDLE
> while I searched for alternatives over the summer. I didn't find what I was
> looking for. Say, just a few weeks ago I started my C++ course and switched
> to emacs since the professor was using it. I tried it, read the easy to
> understand documentation, and I am so productive, jubilant, and satisfied
> with GNU Emacs. It's extensible beyond immediate comprehension; like a
> sunflower it starts as a seed, sprouts leaves, etc; I'm elaborating the
> infinite usability of emacs.
> There is a learning curve. One may find a learning curve with everything
> in existence, whereas I repudiate one discouraging another for the
> aforementioned.
> Those who desire the power of emacs seek it.
> Tim, do you use GNU Emacs?
> >From what literature I've encountered including a wikipedia page I
> believe there is a satiric starwars-like cold-war feud between users of vi
> and emacs.
> I'm neutral and won't judge an entity or patronize one for their use of
> free will.
> I'm happy. Forgive me if I appear too anything.
> Good Day.
> Alexander Etter
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