[Tutor] Paper Rock Scissors game - User's choice not returned properly

Steven D'Aprano steve at pearwood.info
Fri Nov 4 02:42:30 CET 2011

Alan Gauld wrote:

> Use the list form, even though it does involve a few more keystrokes and 
> a lot more screen space. The extra typing to avoid the problems are not 
> worth it! :-)

If you're worried about the screen space and/or keystrokes, you can do this:

if direction.upper() in tuple('NSEW'): ...

instead of

if direction.upper() in ('N', 'S', 'E', 'W'): ...

You can also use list, set or frozenset instead of tuple., but I prefer 
tuple because it signals the intention that the result should be read-only.


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