[Tutor] Printing with no newline :(

Joe Batt joebatt at hotmail.co.uk
Sun Nov 6 07:31:28 CET 2011

I am learning Python 3 and programming and am very new so please bear with me…
I am writing a program to pull out specific characters in a sequence and then print then out. So far so good however when the characters are printed out they pint on separate lines as opposed to what I want, all on the same line. I have tried \n and just ,  in the pint statement i.e. print(letterGroup[4],) and print(letterGroup[4]\n) and even print(letterGroup[4],/n)……..
Can anyone help and explain please….Thank you
for line in file:    m = re.search(regexp, line)    if m:        letterGroup=m.group(0)        print(letterGroup[4])

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