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Francesco Loffredo fal at libero.it
Thu Nov 10 19:52:58 CET 2011

Alexander Etter wrote:
> Hi. My friend gave me a good wake up exercise which I do not want you to solve for me: find all strings which can be converted to alpha with at most two operations, where alpha is some string constant, and a substring of at least length three of alpha must be in the answers.
I'd like to try this exercise too; would you mind defining "operations" more specifically, please?
Given a sufficiently broad meaning of "operations" (e.g. operation = any function call)
then any word can be converted into any given word with at most ONE operation.

> So, my question is: is there a library or .txt dictionary ( not the data type, rather the merriam webster kind ) I can use to test my script on? I'd imagine this library/dictionary to contain thousands of words. Not random words.
> Thanks for reading,
> Alexander
More thanks for writing!

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