[Tutor] [off-topic] Any thread for linux troubleshooting

Bikash Sahoo bikashkits at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 18:54:19 CET 2011

Hi All :

Sorry guys , i know this is not the right thread. Just wanted to bump off a
question . I am new to python and have just installed linux(new to linux as
well :) ) on my system. It has both the Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.0 now.

Can you please refer some threads for linux troubleshooting queries ??

Thanks in advance


P.S :- Posting the query , just in case.

I am getting the following as the initial command line in the terminal when
i open it after installation . Can i change it ? is there any error in the
installation ?

"dinesh at dinesh-Invalid-entry-length-0-DMI-table-is-broken-Stop:~$ "

i want to make it just dinesh .
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