[Tutor] [off-topic] Any thread for linux troubleshooting

Ken G. beachkidken at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 04:29:28 CET 2011

> On 12/11/11 17:54, Bikash Sahoo wrote:
>> Can you please refer some threads for linux troubleshooting queries ??
> Not so much a thread but the Ubuntu web forum is a good starting place and thereare tons of Linux news groups. Try a search on Google groups as your 
starting point.
> Also the Linux Documentation Project  www.ldp.org has loads of how-to docs.
> I've been using Linux on and off since 1993 but only made the total switch to it this July. So far I'm loving it except for the lack of a decent Video editor and Visio clone. Fortunately Serif Movieplus and SmartDraw 6 work under Wine so I'm a happy bunny
> --
> Alan G
> Author of the Learn to Program web site
> http://www.alan-g.me.uk/

I checked the above website and I was linked to a foreign political 
blog.  The correct link is:  tldp.org/  for The Linux Documentation Project.


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