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On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 10:12 PM, Walter Prins <wprins at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Lina,
> On 14 November 2011 12:39, lina <lina.lastname at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I have not experienced in "plot a figure" with python.
>> Try python-pygraphviz is a good choice?
> Graphviz is a library to help visualize graphs in the computer science
> sense.  (See  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graph_%28data_structure%29 or the
> shoreted version: http://is.gd/AKiiMA)  So unless by "plot a figure" you
> actually mean "visualize a graph" in that sense, then the answer would be no
> I don't think it's a good choice, and instead I'd suggest you want something
> a bit more general.  Google returned this page on stackoverflow which offers
> several suggestions:
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/326300/python-best-library-for-drawing
> or the shortened version:
> http://is.gd/vrDTjf
> From the above, I'd probably suggest along with one of answers above, that
> you stick with the TK Canvas for now as this is included with Python.  Thus
> you won't have to get into installing 3rd party packages/libraries/modules
> to get going.
Thanks for your suggestions, I have installed this package before
posting, it's supported by python2x, but not 3.

I was interested cause it could (hopefully) give a better way of draw
the pathway than what I did by hands,

I spent whole afternoon trying to draw by hands ... lol ...

On the left part of page, the set should be 1-42, and the right page
is supposed to be 43-84.
parts of those data:

		39	20	39		34	48	76	34	34	48	76	34	48		34	48	76	34	48	34
		77	20	76		34	32	76	34												
		15	10	15																	
		34	76	34		76	34	32	34

were generated from last post. for each line, it's the set accrodingly
to be 39->20-> and back to 39, another path is 34->48->76-> and back
to 34 and following another path.

I checked by eyes, and the 34 and 76 should be centered on the left
and right part of the page.

The connection directional lines are a bit entangled, even I tried
arranged the different 2D positions of those data.

I don't want to choose above way, so wonder whether I can do a  try by python.

Based on the links provided above,

the nodes and paths seems have already fixed. well... Thanks again, I
will try and see.

Best regards,

> If however you really are trying to visualize a  graph of some sort then the
> question likely needs to be revisited, and then pygrahpviz would probably be
> a good choice.
> Walter
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