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On 11/16/2011 7:18 AM, Elwin Estle wrote:
> Part of the reason I am writing this program is to learn OOP, hence 
> the use of classes.  Most of what little programming background I have 
> comes from working with various flavors of BASIC on old Atari 8-bit 
> computers back in the day, and more recently a little Tcl/Tk, so my 
> first instinct is to do everything from a procedural standpoint.  I'm 
> trying to get out of my comfort zone.
> As for the game, I am doing the 'easy' version of spider that uses 8 
> suits of spades.  I was planing to just re-draw the display after each 
> move.  Input-wise, I was just going to use raw_input.  My idea was to 
> have a move consist of a three character coordinate, The 10 dealt 
> piles would be named by letter, A-J, and the cards in each pile would 
> be by number, i.e. 1-nn.  A move would consist of the starting pile, 
> the number of the card in that pile, and the letter of the destination 
> pile, so 'B5H' would move everything from the 5th card down in pile B 
> and put it on pile H.
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> On 11/15/2011 8:40 AM, Elwin Estle wrote:
>> I am attempting to write a text based spider solitaire game.
> What are the rules of your version of Spider? The only spiders I know 
> have 10 dealt piles and 1 draw pile.
> I think you have greatly complicated things by using classes. Consider:
> deck = random.shuffle(range(13)*8) # list of 108 card "indexes" in 
> random order.
> values = "A23456789JQK" # display values corresponding to indexes
> piles = [deck[x:x+10] for x in range(0,108,10)]
> Anytime you want to display the value of a card use values[cardIndex]
> for example to display the last card in each pile:
> for pile in piles:
>   print values[pile[-1]],
> What will your actual display look llike?
> Will you completely reprint it after each move, or alter it in place?
> How will you get the moves from the player?
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