[Tutor] Python 3 dictionary questions

Cranky Frankie cranky.frankie at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 14:04:48 CET 2011

In playing around with Pyton 3 dictionaries I've come up with 2 questions

1) How are duplicate keys handled? For example:

Qb_Dict = {"Montana": ["Joe", "Montana", "415-123-4567",
"joe.montana at gmail.com","Candlestick Park"],
"Tarkington": ["Fran", "651-321-7657", "frank.tarkington at gmail.com",
"Metropolitan Stadidum"],
"Namath": ["Joe", "212-222-7777", "joe.namath at gmail.com", "Shea Stadium"],
"Elway": ["John", "303-9876-333", "john.elway at gmai.com", "Mile High Stadium"],
"Elway": ["Ed", "303-9876-333", "john.elway at gmai.com", "Mile High
"Manning": ["Archie","504-888-1234", "archie.manning at gmail.com",
"Louisiana Superdome"],
"Staubach": ["Roger","214-765-8989", "roger.staubach at gmail.com",
"Cowboy Stadium"]}

print(Qb_Dict["Elway"],"\n")                        # print a dictionary entry

In the above the "wrong" Elway entry, the second one, where the first
name is Ed, is getting printed. I just added that second Elway row to
see how it would handle duplicates and the results are interesting, to
say the least.

2) Is there a way to print out the actual value of the key, like
Montana would be 0, Tarkington would be 1, etc?

Frank L. "Cranky Frankie" Palmeri

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