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Thanks for that information. I understood what you are saying but in general when python doesn't give us executable files (whether its in Mac/ Linux/ Windows).. how could people develop programs ?. 
At some point of time people need to provide a file that runs without the help of a python interpreter.. 

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  1. Why doesn't python show error(description given below) at the beginning when we use functions which aren't present in the standard modules...


  TheString = raw_input('enter a string')lengthofStr = strlen(TheString)Look closely, I used a wrong function to find length of the string. [ strlen( ) belongs to C ].When I run the program, it didn't show any error but when entered input, it then showed up!.Why python doesn't show error at the beginning just like C does?2. Why doesn't python create executable file (.exe ) when we run the code.. If this doesn't do, how can I share my program.. does everyone need to have python to check others code and know what it does? 
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The thing is, python does not compile code like C does. It interprets each line. So as you say, "it runs". Errors turn up only when they are encountered. 


But python does have a compile version, I believe jython does this.

There are a couple of programs that generate executable, py2exe on Win for example.


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