[Tutor] Programming Collective Intelligence Study Group

Steven D'Aprano steve at pearwood.info
Tue Nov 29 10:53:27 CET 2011

Mark Lybrand wrote:
> Over on the Machine Learning Class, I mentioned the idea of setting up some
> online resources to go through the Programming Collective Intelligence book

What are the Machine Learning Class and the Programming Collective 
Intelligence book? Should I have heard of them before?

> as a group. This would include a group or discussion board of some type,
> maybe a Google+ or Facebook page, and a wiki.  Then we would set a pace and

If it's Google+ or Facebook, count me out.

> work through the book.  Since it is in Python, I thought this group would
> be interested.  Am I wrong?

If I had any idea what you were talking about, other than "something to do 
with Python", then I might be.


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