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Mark Lybrand mlybrand at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 11:11:29 CET 2011

> What are the Machine Learning Class and the Programming Collective
> Intelligence book? Should I have heard of them before?
Sorry for being unclear.  Machine Learning Class is one of the free classes
offered online by Stanford.  http://www.ml-class.org  This one started in
October.  Another round to start in January.  I highly recommend it.

Programming Collective Intelligence is a book by Toby Segaran from O'Reilly
ISBN-13: 978-0596529321  It uses Python to apply machine learning
techniques to real life problems and looks like loads of fun.

The Natural Language Processing with Python book is freely available here:

> If it's Google+ or Facebook, count me out.
Well, that would only be one dimension of what I propose, so totally
avoidable if you are that averse.  You should be fine with the discussion
forum and reference site I propose, which would be independent of any
social networks.

 If I had any idea what you were talking about, other than "something to do
with Python", then I might be.

Hopefully, I have done something to clarify what I was talking about.  If
not, don't hesitate to express your concerns via the list or to me
personally, either by email or on Facebook (just kidding).

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