[Tutor] How to handle try and except in this case

Mic o0MB0o at hotmail.se
Tue Nov 29 16:35:22 CET 2011

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>(You top-posted again.  Try to put your remarks AFTER the part you're 
>quoting, so that the message is self-descriptive)

I did? I thought I posted this: 


>Could you explain what's unclear about it?  Andreas couldn't get more 
>specific, since you didn't say how these 10 names are provided.

Yes, it was probably my fault. Sorry about that. I have come up with a new 
way of working around
a problem in my main program so I only need two files to be tested if they 
exist instead of say 10 files. """

Is that top posting?

>The os.path.exists(filename) returns a boolean, and doesn't tie up 
>resources, so you are welcome to use it in an if expression.

>if not (os.path.exists(file1) and os.path.exists(file2)):
      >print "hi"

Thank you! What do you mean with that it "doesn't tie up resources"?


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