[Tutor] force imports from site-packages?

Alex Hall mehgcap at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 05:12:04 CEST 2011

Thanks, it is now working properly. It turned out to be something in
the __all__ list that didn'tmake much sense, but now that I know what
to use it is working.

On 10/6/11, Steven D'Aprano <steve at pearwood.info> wrote:
> Alex Hall wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have managed to get a couple of packages in site-packages which
>> share names with some folders in the same directory as a program, or
>> at least a subdir somewhere below has the same name. Is there a way to
>> force my script to look in lib/site-packages before the script's
>> folder? I can't rename these folders since Git will get confused if I
>> do.
>> In other words, I have a package called LRSignature installed, but in
>> a subdir of my script's directory is another LRSignature folder which
>> is not an actual Python package. Python sees this non-package folder
> It shouldn't. Python doesn't look into nested folders unless you
> explicitly add them to the search path. Here's an example:
> [steve at sylar ~]$ mkdir math
> [steve at sylar ~]$ echo "print('spam')" > math/module.py
> [steve at sylar ~]$ python
> Python 2.5 (r25:51908, Nov  6 2007, 16:54:01)
> [GCC 4.1.2 20070925 (Red Hat 4.1.2-27)] on linux2
> Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>  >>> import math  # Can we still see the standard math module?
>  >>> math.sin(1)
> 0.8414709848078965
>  >>> import module  # How about the other module?
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>    File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
> ImportError: No module named module
> So as you can see, the math subdirectory and its content is ignored by
> Python because it isn't explicitly part of the search path. So I don't
> understand why you are seeing this problem unless you are cd'ing into
> the LRSignature folder first.
>> first and so, quite rightly, throws an exception that the class of the
>> package I want, LRSignature.Sign, does not exist. It exists in the
>> site-packages copy, but Python won't overlook the nearer copy. How do
>> I make it do this? Thanks.
> The *right* solution is to fix the name clash, which may or may not
> involve changing the name of something. But I can't tell what, since I
> don't understand why you are having this problem.
> But if you can't fix the problem, you can cover it up by manipulating
> the import search path. It is exposed as sys.path, and it is just a list
> of places to look in the specific order given.
> --
> Steven
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