[Tutor] a quick Q: how to use for loop to read a series of files with .doc end

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On Oct 8, 2011, at 0:39, "Prasad, Ramit" <ramit.prasad at jpmorgan.com> wrote:

>> open(base+OUTFILEEXT,"w").write(str(summary))
> Unless Python3 is different with respect to files, I would really change this to explicitly close the file. In general, I think explicitly closing resources (database connections, files, etc) are a Good Thing.
> with open(base+OUTFILEEXT,"w") as f:
>    f.write(str(summary))
Btw, I do notice lots of suggestions of closing file. 
Does your above sentence close the file here? Implicitly ?
Sorry, I don't see "close" 
And how do I know it's safely closed already?

I will check further later. Now reading email on phone. 

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