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> C is a great language for writing Operating Systems and other "near the
> metal" code. But its not the best language for busiess apps, artificial
> intelligence and a host of other things. Bash is a good user shell, but its
> not even the best Unix shell for scripting (Thats probably ksh).
> D? Who actually uses D? I think your informant was not well informed.
Next time when I saw my friend, I would ask, "have you met someone who has
actually started in use D yet?"
it's a joke, thanks for informing me that.

> AS fopr Python becoming obsolete? Maybe someday, but not soon.
> And even if it does the principles it teaches are alive and well in many
> other languages - eg, Ruby, Lua both openly borrow from Python.
> Just as Python borrows from Lisp and Haskell and Smalltalk and Perl.
> > I was further told that fortran is obsolete, but still lots of
> > fortran guys using it.
> Absolutely and Lisp and COBOL ghave both been predicted to die for decades
> but are still marching on. It is very difficult to kill a popular language
> because the thing that made it popular keeps it
> alive.

> Ignore rumours and focus on programming. Don't worry about languages, once
> you know one you'll usually pick up another very quickly. They come and go
> in fashion but the concepts remain constant. Most programmers work in
> multiple languages, often even in a single
> project.

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