[Tutor] vcf_files and strings

Andreas Perstinger andreas.perstinger at gmx.net
Sat Oct 8 08:08:02 CEST 2011

[I have already answered your first post but it seems you missed it]

On 2011-10-07 18:12, Anna Olofsson wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a beginner at Python and would really appreciate some help in how
> to extract information from a vcf file.

What does "beginner" mean?
Do you have experience in other languages?
Do you understand how different datatypes work (strings, integers,
lists, dictionaries, ...)?
Do you know the basic programming concepts (for-loops, if-then-else
conditions, ...)?

> The important column is 7 where the ID is, i.e.
> refseq.functionalClass=missense. It's a missense mutation, so then I
> want to extract refseq.name=NM_003137492, or I want to extract only
> the ID, which in this case is NM_003137492.
> Then I want to do exactly the same thing for all the other mutations,
> but only for the missense mutations not the other ones. How do I
> accomplish that? Where do I start?

Can you show us some code snippets of your attempts?

Bye, Andreas

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