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Sun Oct 9 02:45:40 CEST 2011

On 08/10/11 19:20, delegbede at dudupay.com wrote:

> I have been coding python for a while but I just can't get to rate myself.
> I have been part of few projects that are python based and did a pretty
> good job with other team mates.

OK, You probably don't need the Python tutor list then :-)
Have you tried asking for ideas on the main python language
list (aka comp.lang.python)

> I however want to step up my game and make python my core competence;
 > the challenge I have is what project to embark on.
 > I really can't figure out what project to take on

Pick one you are interested in.
And don;t worry so much about Python being your core competence, make it 
programming. There are far more opportunities that way.

> I just want something to work on.

Go to SourceForge, search for Python projects. Pick one you find 
interesting. Get involved.

Or alternatively look at the jobs adverts and apply for some.
Ask for feedback after interviews, that's a pretty good way to rate 
yourself. If somebody is willing to pay you then they must rate you!

Alan G
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